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Noun. 1. a room or building in which goods are manufactured or repaired. 2. a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. First known use, 1556.


Biopoetics Writer's Workshops

Woman Speaks Series: Unfettered Heart

Fridays, March 24th through May 12th

10am-12pm MST

Tuition: $180


Below culture, and its conditioning on the mind, there is a voice like the earth’s molten core, churning. This voice is your voice. A voice undomesticated. Raw. Real. Pivotal to the survival of your spirit. In this class, through poetry and nonfiction prose, we will explore the range of feelings, sensations, memories, desires, and concerns that both rattle & sing within the depth of the Voice. In each other’s presence, as women, we will remove what meddles with our voices, sharing unexpected sparks of creative light that is original, feminine, and heart-centered, as well as (sometimes) bewildered, demanding, and outraged. The goal of this course is to make space for the range of your unfettered heart to speak what has not yet been spoken. And to hear, in turn, the other women at the table as they churn the fiery earth of their lived-experience through the power of Heart.


Class format: This Skype-based course runs 8-weeks starting in the spring of 2017. The course is limited to 8 women, beginning and experienced writers alike. While the course is open to any woman on the globe, good command of the English language is required. You must be able to attend all 8 classes, as your unique participation is a powerful element in making creative magic happen. The course is prompt-based and focused on helping you to generate new work. During each class we will read samples of contemporary poetry and prose, complete 2-3 writing prompts, share our writing, and provide concise, immediate feedback. Each writing exercise will allow you to explore the voice of your unfettered heart.


Logistics: You must have a reliable internet signal and a quiet location from which the Skype call can be made. All writing will be done by hand in a notebook or on your choice of paper. The reason for this is two fold: firstly, writing by hand allows a somatic experience outside of our patterned ways with technology; secondly, writing by hand frees our computers to be the means for our class connection and insures that we’ll all be writing at about the same pace. A short handout (4-5 pages) will be sent via email 24 hours prior to each class, so please have access to a printer at that time. 


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Note on Biopoetics Writer's Workshops: the methods I use in these courses are rooted in my knowledge and dedication as a poet/somatic practitioner. You will always find me offering new ways to source your writing/language from the body in which you live. It holds a memory of everything you've ever done. Everything you've ever dreamed about. All the love and pain you've ever touched. Your imagination, in order to create something solid and tangible (aka, your Life), needs a body. At Biopoetics we celebrate the aliveness of the Body, its miraculous beauty and surprises, and how it seems to be inviting, in any given moment, a deeper experience of the human embodiment.