"For where two or three gather in my name, there I AM with them." 


                                   - Matthew 18:20




                                  We are voyagers, discoverers

                                  of the not-known,

                                  the unrecorded;

                                  we have no map;

                                  possibly we will reach haven, 



                                   - H.D., Trilogy 





poetic alchemy & derivations


ORIGIN Middle EnglishLatin,I believe. Compare with creed.

What do you believe in? What inspires you to take a stand? For what will you put a stake in the ground? What do you live for? 


I am committed to honoring the brilliant designs in Nature that teach us about our connection with all of Life. In my writing I question the sociocultural structures that diminish our ability to flourish in our interdependency. We are gifted with communication & improvisation so that we can express the diplomacy of the Heart. I therefore hold space in my mind, as a daily thoughtfulness, for the potential of a large-scale humanitarian shift in consciousness toward the unified field of the Heart. 


{Photo by Andrew Hunt Photography}