Healing services with Meridian Johnson are meant to support the whole person over the long-term. The programs we will recommend might include bodywork, exercise, breath techniques, creative play, counseling, life-coaching, dietary changes and genetic-based nutritional supplements all designed to meet your present health situation and goals. We will only advise you of changes you can make on your own, using nonprescription products. You are the primary driver on your journey to health. 


Sessions in Santa Fe & Los Alamos

In person sessions: a combination of therapeutic approaches generally center around one of the following--Biodynamic Craniosacral or Wholistic Methylation. Cranial work serves to remove distractions from the nervous system that prevent the body from self-healing. Wholistic Methylation serves to remove genetic distractions from the body's biochemical pathways that prevent self-healing. 


About Meridian Johnson

I am not a physician. I am trained in Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) with an emphasis in nutrition, herbal medicine, trauma release, and physical movement as ways of improving overall health. I am a nationally Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST® #822), New Mexico licensed Massage Therapist (MT #6877), and trained in Wholistic Kinesiology through the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have studied Advanced Methylation with Dr. J Dunn. I am also also a certified HeartMath Institute Coach-Mentor and can recommend holistic strategies for finding more peace and calm in your life. She offers Biopoetics Inner Guidance Coaching in person and at a distance. I have studied many other healing modalities and am grounded in earth-based wisdom as a foundation for deep healing and restoration of wellness.