The Hum of Feeling 

Dear Reader,


Do you remember being a child and experiencing a hum of feeling through the house, whatever specific house in whatever specific place you grew up in,  of the people around you, what they were thinking and the corresponding emotions? Did you step into a room once and hear, through feeling, what was left unspoken? 


How did you stand, then, in relationship to that hum of feeling? How do you stand, now, in relationship to that hum? What does it mean to feel? And, what are emotions


As a writer and healing artist--as a Human--I am endlessly studying the remarkable phenomenon of our emotional power, how it comes and what happens when it does. I study the Human stories we have about emotion. The myths and religions of emotions. The economics of emotions. It is this or that. It is a colossal mistake to let your emotions dictate your decisions. Or, It's a colossal mistake to block yourself from feeling your emotions. etc. 


We have the power of the verb, "to feel"--to have an interaction or experience with someone or something. I touch things. To allow communication between me and the earth. A tree. The wind. Another person. The sun on my skin. I feel sometimes as if a seemingly inanimate object was inviting me to come closer (the truth is that I don't believe anything is inanimate). I feel in my body. A felt-sense. A knowing. A sense of relationship. A peace or agitation. And then an emotion arrises. 


Sometime we move too fast to acknowledge our feelings and emotions with any awareness. Often we move too fast. Often we are in rush hour, or trying to make it to work on time, taking the kids here or there. Bolting off to make be somewhere on time. 


And then sometimes we are at the grocery store, waiting in line. We just are. We find some natural way, as if giving ourselves permission, to be present without the restraint of impatience. I imagine we all have this deep well of presence, we all have the capacity to be here now, not through our brain's processing the industry of thought in our heads, but through experiencing the hum of feeling around us. 

What is this hum, and should it have a name? Is it latent with some specific meaning? Does your awareness of such a hum imply compassion? Unity? Community? Do some of you think my questions are pure fluff, simply comments upon non-exisitant forces? Or as a fellow Human can you own your capacity with feeling and emotions? Or lack thereof? 


What is feeling a tool for?



This hum, a kind of music for Human motion. For growth. For learning. For interconnection.



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