When Making a Declaration 

What are we talking about here? At the airport, letting the ticket agent know that I have some rare minerals in my suitcase? A formal announcement of some decision I've made? A legal statement before a court of law? 

Let's talk for a minute about the declarations that come (or came, past-tense) in the transcendent clarity of our youth. 

Here we are with the word, "declaration": ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin declaratio(n-), from declararemake quite clear (see declare). Here I am, with a six-year-old daughter who declares that she WILL NOT, under any circumstance, hit her sister back when she's been big-sister pushed/hit/kicked etc. "I want to create peace in our world, mom," she says. 

When I was five years old I remember declaring to myself that I WOULD NOT use drugs or alcohol when I grew up. Save for a few moments of peer pressure and curiosity (that I can count on one hand), this declaration has been clear and true for me. 

In the past year someone said to me "Children of alcoholics learn how not to trust themselves." Some kind of beam of light shined into my mind at hearing this. I slipped the statement into my mouth. I chewed it. Tasted it fully. I had some changes to make to hear my heart properly. To trust, myself. A declaration was made, by me, in the deep dark night under the frighteningly luminous stars. 

I will follow my heart absolutely, I said, out loud, in the expansive winter void. 

When making a declaration we take out our inner map. We lay it on some sturdy surface. We say, "Here, right here. That's where I'm going, come hell or high water." 

The declaration becomes a Journey.

Epic. Challenging. Uncomfortable. Sublime. Necessary. Inevitable.

Where are you heading, Reader? Fellow Traveler? 

What declarations are waiting to be made, heard, witnessed, or acknowledged? 

Find someone who cares and "make quite clear" where you're going next. Or share it here, in this inspired space, where success is measured by the instrument of the human heart. 

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    LD (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 11:26)

    Thank you. Beautiful!