Our Interconnection Saves & Inspires 

Someone is about to save your life. Someone is crafting their day or their evening to be in the right place at the right time--to help you. What is it that you need? Do you seek to be inspired? Held? Praised? Do you seek to learn? If you seek learning you will find someone somewhere who appears as the Angel with a crystalline lesson. Do you seek clarity? Someone will arrive and offer a clear mirror. How do Angel's save us? We are these Angels, for one another. A friend calls and says, "I think your business is going to be successful; I have good feelings about this." A sister writes, "I send the Big Love to you." I am lifted. Someone is about to save your life. Open your heart and receive. 

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    LD (Tuesday, 03 March 2015 11:31)

    I think you are going to be happy on that front porch, rocking, someday.